Why does testosterone matter?

Testosterone is predominantly produced naturally by the testes. It’s required by all men for a healthy life, physically and psychologically. As well as stimulating sperm production and sex drive, testosterone is also crucial for the development of muscle and bone mass.

It’s normal for your body to make less testosterone as you age. But when testosterone levels fall below the normal range, it can lead to some unwanted symptoms. This condition is known as Androgen Deficiency.2

Getting diagnosed

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Men with Androgen Deficiency may have the following symptoms:

  • Reduced sex drive4
  • Sexual dysfunction (problems with erection)4
  • Less muscle mass, weaker bones & increased body fat4
  • Depressed mood & low satisfaction with life4
  • Decreased energy, motivation, initiative & self-confidence4
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What can I do if I have TDS?

There are different treatments available including: topical gels, tablets, intramuscular injections, patches, creams and solutions.

Discuss your options with your doctor to find the treatment that is right for you.

What can I expect
from my treatment?

Depending on which type of treatment you choose, you can expect to see some symptoms improve within the first month. Other symptoms may take longer to improve.

Your doctor will monitor your progress to ensure you are receiving the right treatment and dose, so make sure you continue to visit your doctor regularly.

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Before I was diagnosed with low testosterone my kids used to call me a grumpy so-and-so. I'd completely lost my interest in everything. The only thing I did do a lot was arguing with my family – always about stupid things. Mike, 60


You don’t need to have all of these symptoms; some men with testosterone deficiency only have a few of these symptoms. None of these symptoms are specific to testosterone deficiency, so it is important to talk to a doctor to make sure that testosterone deficiency is not confused with other medical conditions, like erectile dysfunction (which could be caused by things other than low testosterone), heart problems or depression.

If you think you may have testosterone deficiency, why not complete the TDS assessment? This is a short questionnaire used by doctors to help find out if you might have testosterone deficiency. It’s quick and easy to complete.


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